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UWO Math & Statistics Tutoring

UWO Math & Statistics Tutoring

Math 1229 Math 1228 SOC 2205 etc. 🙂

Lessons Anytime Anywhere 😊

Lessons Anytime Anywhere 😊

1 on 1 Effective Online Lessons are available

We make learning absolute fun

We make learning absolute fun

You gain in-depth conceptual understanding

We provide Math, Statistics & Science tutoring to University and junior/high school students.

About Founder

As a sincere and diligent educator, I believe in imparting in-depth conceptual understanding to my students. I've dual Master Degrees (M.Sc.) in Pure and Applied Mathematics, plus over 13 years of teaching experience in various institutes with students who have different academic backgrounds and learning habits. I'm a former member of American Mathematical Society. I've worked with Western University as a Teaching and Research Assistant. I adopt innovative yet simple teaching methodologies like "Design thinking"; it helps them to think independently, hence encourages self-learning. My students improve their basics and fundamental concepts within couple of math tutoring sessions, regardless of any learning disabilities; and accomplish their math courses with excellent grades. I'm receiving great feedback from my students. Check it out - References

22 Apr 2020

News & Updates:

Special Online Lessons by - D. Singh

This summer, I will be tutoring online as well. I am expert in delivering online lessons, as I have been tutoring online since 2007.  You must try it, if you're not happy the way your school is throwing rapid lessons. You can book it on my website. Please text me on above number to check the available hours.

27 Mar 2019

3 more spots are available !!!

Please book your sessions well ahead. I might not be able to book you a session on the last moment.


This week 3 more spots are available for Tuesday, Thursday & Friday! And, don't forget to text me before booking a spot.

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Math Tutoring Services

Customized Lessons to Fit

As one of London’s most successful private Academic Math Tutors since 2013, I have managed to help my students excel. Take advantage of my professional experience, especially my One-on-One Lessons for Western and high school students. Get in touch today and allow me to help you excel.


Online 1 on 1 Tutoring

Personalized Attention

I offer tutoring services in-person and Online as well. I use latest technology for Online tutoring sessions. Online sessions are equally efficient and effective as in-person. All you need is your laptop or tablet and head-phones. If you have a busy schedule and don't want to travel then this is THE best option for you. I have been teaching Online on Wiz-IQ and Skype since May 2007. Learning online is a wonderful opportunity these days. So give it a try.

Group Lessons

Guaranteed Success

I know how difficult it can be to find a reliable teacher that focuses on Group Lessons. Teachers need to be able to motivate and guide students to success. As an experienced Academic Math Tutor, I can identify students’ areas of weakness and work with them in positive, constructive ways to achieve success. I design my lessons according to my students’ needs, with an emphasis on confidence-boosting activities.

Raising Hands

Mr. Singh has been incredibly helpful when it came to helping me with math1229. I'm a mature student who has been out of school for a long while, he accommodated my schedule while helping me stress less about math and gave me more time to focus on my other subjects. I highly recommend that you contact Mr. Singh for math tutoring if you have any trouble with uni math, he's been a lifesaver.

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"Mr. Singh is possibly one of the best math teachers I have ever had! He has taught me Differential and Integral calculus very clearly and I feel confident that I am able to succeed in school due to Mr. Singh's tutoring assistance!"

★★★★★  Jeff Kim

Singh has an exceptional teaching style. Aside from myself being a business student, Singh can handle any level math course and I have been using him since 2015 to maximize my learning outside of class, such as Linear Algebra Math 1229, Calculus Math 1225, and Econometrics tutoring. Highly recommend Singh to Western and Fanshawe Students for Math and Statistics tutoring!

★★★★★ Mazen Alé


"Mr. Singh is an excellent math tutor and has helped me greatly in my Western University 2205 statistics course. I have always struggled with math and have found Mr. Singh great at explaining things in a much easier way for me to understand. With his tutoring I have been able to improve my math skills and strengthen my understanding of key concepts!"

★★★★★  Kaitlin Wannamaker

Thank you Singh for making Math less intimidating! The teaching style emphasizes a strengthening of why we use math applications, rather than just doing it because it's something we've just accepted simply just because. I highly recommend Singh for any math tutoring you may need!

★★★★★  Leonor Alé

Firstly, Singh is a great person. He is very calm and friendly and you are able to tell very quickly that he cares and wants you to succeed. I was struggling with math but with his help I have regained my confidence and will be with him for the foreseeable future! He is a great Math Tutor.

★★★★★  Aladdin Osman

"Very approachable and professional tutor! Would highly recommend for anyone looking to improve their math skills!"


★★★★★  Carlton Bankz

"Great Explanation of content in
MOS 2242, defiantly would recommend his assistance!"


★★★★★ Spencer Bailey

Mr.Singh has tons of knowledge on anything Ive asked him to help me with. I always understand whatever Mr.Singh and I have gone over in the session. Without him I wouldn't be excelling so well in my Grade 12 Advanced Functions. Thanks a ton!

★★★★★ Connor Nouwens

I am in Math 1228 and Math 1229 at UWO and got a lot of help from London Math solutions and would recommend this tutoring company to anyone in search of extra help.

★★★★★ Victoria Borowski


He is a huge help! He is patient and does a fantastic job explaining concepts in ways that the teachers just aren’t doing. I have had lots of success in my grade 11 Functions class since I started seeing him.
Highly recommend this tutor!

★★★★★ Ben Brophy

"He is very polite and very helpful a must try for students that are having trouble in London area."

★★★★★  Frankie Rostran

“Before I found London Math Solutions, I didn’t understand anything in class. I felt so lost, and trying to learn on my own was overwhelming. Now, I feel more confident in my abilities.” Thanks for math  tutoring.

★★★★★  Kelighy

"Really good math tutor. Would recommend!"

★★★★★  Zach Hunter

Makes things very clear and has helped me a ton with my first year university stats course!

★★★★★ Brook Hiddink

"Awesome experience... Absolutely satisfied with the grades on

SOC Stats. course. I give you 5 stars :) "

★★★★★ Amanda

"He tutored me Math 1229. He is for sure a next level Math teacher. He breaks down things to pupil's level. He explained everything that my Prof. failed  to explain. He deserves a position at Western University "

★★★★★ Brooke Graham

Mr.Singh is an excellent tutor for Math 1229, he makes the course very approachable and easy to understand. highly recommended !

★★★★★ Ali Arya


Fantastic service! Keep up the great work.

★★★★  Chelsea Cuzzocrea




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Highly Qualified & Well Experienced Private Tutor   

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