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Math tutoring industry gets a boost as Ontario schools’ test scores slump

More and more parents who can afford it are turning to after-school programs to help their children get ahead in math. Four years ago, Arsheen Abbas signed her son up for private after-school math lessons because she felt the Grade 4 subject curriculum was not rigorous enough. The Oakville, Ont., mother enrolled her son in Spirit of Math — one of several private tutoring companies operating in Ontario — in hopes of bolstering his learning at an early stage. “They are not teaching math the same way that we used to be taught,” Abbas said of the lessons her son was receiving in school. “One of our concerns, which we’ve heard from many parents, is that once (students) get to high school, all of

More Ontario parents opting for private tutoring, survey finds

Support for public education and increased funding remains high, report researchers at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. Half of parents give Ontario schools a grade of A or B, while more than one in three families is paying for private tutoring for their children, says a new survey of education issues. “Tutoring is more popular than it has been in the past,” said co-author Arlo Kempf, adding that since the survey, researchers have taken a closer look at the numbers. They found that “parents who identify as middle- or upper-class are more likely to be using that tutoring, where in the past it was undertaken by different socio-economic groups more evenly. “Now it’s more the purv

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